Assoc Prof. Zhang Xiao

Graduated from Xiamen University in 2015 with a doctorate in science, and then joined the Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center for postdoctoral research. In 2018, he became a distinguished associate researcher at the same time. In 2022, he joined the School of Pharmacy of Chongqing Medical University as a young innovative talent to continue development. Work. Scientific research work mainly focuses on intervention strategies for viral infections and related diseases. So far, he has published 19 SCI papers as the first (one in total) or corresponding author in magazines such as PNAS, Cell Res, Nat Commun, Nano Lett, etc., and participated in the publication of 15 papers; obtained 4 authorized patents, and applied for 8 new patents; as the responsible person He presided over 3 national, provincial and ministerial-level projects including the National Natural Youth Fund, and participated in 8 projects; he won the Biomedicine Award (ranked first) in the first national postdoctoral innovation and entrepreneurship competition.