Mr. Ouedraogo Hamed Sidwaya

Mr. Ouedraogo Hamed Sidwaya is a medical public health specialist and an expert in health system management in crisis situations. He is a citizen from Burkina Faso. He studied at the Joseph Ki ZERBO University in Ouagadougou. He has headed the Sahel regional health directorate (Burkina Faso) since December 2016, during which time he has managed several cross-border interventions and collaborated on several occasions with regional directorates of health of Niger and Mali Republics. With these capacities, he assisted Burkina Faso's Health emergency response operations centre in formulating a multi-risk plan for responding to health emergencies, and designed several strategies for adapting healthcare provision in the dual security and health crisis that Burkina Faso is experiencing. He is since 2023, head of the Department of Population Health Protection, in charge of epidemiological surveillance, and Focal Point for the International Health Regulations, IHR(2005). He is the author of an article on the tack shifting in immunisation, and is working on the integrated management of childhood illnesses at community level as part of a doctoral thesis currently in progress at the Université Joseph Ki-Zerbo.